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The Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency vs. One Person for All Your Marketing Needs

Have you ever seen a job posting that looks like it's written for three jobs? Recently, I came across a digital marketing manager job posting for an automotive auction company that required a crazy list of skills. From SEO to PPC, website coding, Photoshop, social media management, video content creation, copywriting, CMS management, drone video production, Google Analytics KPI monitoring, email marketing, and customer survey analysis, the list was endless.

It's not just the sheer amount of work that's impossible for a single person, but the fact that each task requires specialized hard skills that most people don't have. Even a chief marketing officer would find it challenging to tackle all of this alone. So, why do some companies insist on hiring one person to do everything? And then pay them less than the market rate?

This is where agencies come in. They offer a team of experts with specialized skills to navigate the complex world of marketing. Each team member brings their unique expertise to the table, making it easier to handle all aspects of marketing effectively.  An agency gives you:

  • Access to a team of experts with specialized skills
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Better quality work due to specialized expertise
  • More comprehensive marketing strategies
  • Access to the latest marketing tools and technologies
  • Cost-effective compared to hiring multiple full-time employees
  • Scalable services to meet changing business needs
  • Consistent communication and project management
  • Greater flexibility to adjust to market changes and trends.
  • Fewer HR headaches including insurance and benefits

By hiring an agency, you can be confident that each member has dedicated their career to mastering specific skills. As a result, they're much better at their jobs than someone trying to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.  That's a recipe for job turnover. 

It's unrealistic to expect one person to have all these skills. While some people in marketing may be considered "super geniuses," it's likely you can't afford them and it's not a realistic expectation.

The next time you consider posting a similar job with a ridiculous number of requirements, consider hiring an agency such as, Ready Steady, instead. You'll save yourself time and energy and get better results in the end.