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Funding Opportunities for Vermonters: A Guide to the Top Grants for Businesses and Communities

Hey Vermont! Our beautiful state offers a bunch of different grants and incentives to help local businesses and communities thrive. I'll walk you through some of the top options.  New grants open and close often.  In my other company, a wedding videography business I've been able to take advantage of some.

Let's start with the Community Recovery and Revitalization Grant Program. This grant provides funding for projects that boost economic recovery and revitalization across Vermont.

What could you use it for? Here are some ideas:

  • If you own a retail shop, you could use a grant to open a new location or spruce up your existing space.
  • Own a restaurant or brewery? A grant could help you launch or expand your food and beverage biz.
  • Work in tourism? Grants are available to build new attractions like hotels, restaurants, trails, and more.

Next up: Elevate Vermont. This program offers grants and support to help Vermont businesses grow and create jobs.

Who can benefit? Manufacturers could use grants to expand or launch new factories. Tech companies could build up their digital infrastructure. And healthcare businesses could train employees or roll out new services.

OK, now onto the Vermont Employment Growth Incentive. This program provides financial incentives to businesses that generate new jobs.

Healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism businesses have tapped into this program to attract talented workers. But any industry that's hiring could benefit!

The takeaway? Vermont offers grants for all sorts of industries and projects. Looking for funding for an infrastructure project? We've got grants for that! Need support expanding globally? Yep, grants for that too!

To learn more, visit the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development. Their team can help you find the perfect program for your needs. Let's get your Vermont business or community funded!